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Title: Automation

Alias: DJ Otto

Hometown: Daytona Beach, Florida

Major: Ph.D. Java

Member Since: September 2008

Show: Radio OTTOmation

Music: Rock, Pop, Metal, Top 40, Hip-Hop

About: OTTO (as in OTTOmation) is WIKD’s very own kickass Automatic DJ. Two Grey Monsters are hidden deep within the bowels of the station ensure that WIKD is always playing the latest and greatest in Hot AC, Rock, and Urban. Anytime a live DJ isn’t on the airwaves you can expect to hear DJ OTTO. And whilst it might seem benign enough, don’t be fooled—he’s responsible for most of the engineering teams grey hairs.

Also, don’t feed the bear. It bites.

DJ OTTO is actually a pair of computers that run a software called Automation For Radio provided by WideOrbit. Every week our Music Director creates an outstanding schedule of music and promotions and delivers it to Automation For Radio. This software then handles the actual playout of all material, making sure that it’s played out at exactly the right times. It also does a lot of other cool things like sending out RDS Data to tell you what song we’re playing… And yeah; the bear really does make it all work better.

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