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Designing for WIKD

If you find yourself designing advertising material for WIKD, please adhere to the following standards. If you don’t know what these settings mean, or how to implement them, Adobe has an excellent guide to designing for print, available here. Alternatively, swing by our office and we’ll try and help you. 🙂

Format & Resolution

Accepted File Formats: .AI, .PDF,  .PSD (Absolutely NO JPEG).

Use a 300DPI resolution. If at all possible, use hi-resolutions images from the start–upscaling does not look nearly as good.  Alternatively, you can be really cool, and use vector images the whole way through.


Use CMYK color. (Preferably the U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 standard)

The WIKD color codes are as follows:

Green: PMS 802, CMYK: 95,0,100,27

Red: PMS 186, CMYK: 0,100,81,4

Yellow: PMS 123, CMYK: 0,24,94,0

If you use black in your design, please use either key black (0,0,0,100), or Rich black (50,50,50,100). DO NOT use registration black (100,100,100,100).


The font used for WIKD is “Graffiti”.

The font used for 102.5 FM and other text is “Hobo Std”.

If you use nonstandard fonts please convert any text to outlines, or include the fonts with the design.


Use on white/light backgrounds. Transparent background.

Use on white/light backgrounds. Vectored – Transparent background.


Use on black/dark backgrounds. Transparent background.

Use on black/dark backgrounds. Vectored – Transparent background.


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