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WIKD at CBI San Antonio

Starting next Wednesday, Nov. 1st, and going through next Saturday, Nov. 4th, four of our DJs will be representing the station and the ERAU community at the annual College Broadcasters, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas.

Student DJs, DJ Vane (Trance Sundays), DJ J-uan (Bass to Final), Music Master Mark (The Aux Cord), and Rev. Marx (Coreocalypse), along with WIKD’s faculty advisor Dustin Beech, will be attending the annual event.

While they are there, the students hope to learn new things so that they will be able to better the station as a whole, with special interests in the areas of new techniques in regards to training DJs, bettering the stations content and automated programming, upgrading and revamping the station’s social media, and the engineering aspects of radio broadcasting.

Also during the conference, on Thursday, Nov 2nd, three of the students (DJ Vane, DJ J-uan, and Rev. Marx) will be broadcasting live from the conference during a live radio show they are hosting Thursday morning from 9 AM to 10 AM, which you can listen to/watch it live here, or on our own social media.

Finally, watch out on our social media as the students take over our Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook during the course of the conference and share what they’ve learned and other radio stations they’ve met while on this great opportunity!



Become a Volunteer!!!

Interested in being a part of the radio station, but don’t want to DJ? Look no further, because you have found the right place! You don’t have to be a DJ to be a part of WIKD 102.5 FM. There are tons of ways, and one of them is volunteering on one of our committees/groups. We have six committees/groups that you can join:

– Concert: Join our concert team, and go represent WIKD at concerts and festivals around the state of Florida! We attend various concerts that are always fun to go to. If you join this team, you will be expected to take photos, and possibly interview musicians, while attending concerts. Afterwards, you will have to do a quick concert report for the station that will be put on our website for our listeners to read.

– Graphic Design/Photoshop: Do you have experience with and enjoy graphic design or Photoshop? Do you want to be a part of the station, but don’t want to DJ? Then look no further, because you could hold active status by being a part of this team! By being a part of this team, you will help out the social media and on-campus advertisement committees by making great advertisements for them to put out and be seen by listeners and students alike!

– Music: Want to have a say in what the station plays? Show up to the amazing Music Committee!!! Music Committee meets Thursdays at 3 PM and they help the music director decide what new music should go on-air! It is always awesome to hear a song on-air and be able to say, “Hey, I picked that song!”

– On-Campus Advertisement: This committee would help the WIKD 102.5 with advertising to listeners on campus. You would be helping the promotions coordinator at WIKD with putting up flyers and A-frames around campus. You will also be helping the graphics design/Photoshop team with making advertisements.

– Social Media: This committee would help the WIKD 102.5 with advertising to listeners on social media. You would be helping the promotions coordinator at WIKD with posting about WIKD and other related music events/news on social media. You will also be helping the graphics design/Photoshop team with making advertisements for social media.

– Sports: The sports team will broadcast ERAU sports events on-air for the Daytona Beach area! You will go out to all ERAU sports events and record a broadcast. If there is a radio show during the game’s time, your broadcast will be uploaded to the website instead (all broadcasts will actually be uploaded, but hopefully some will be able to go on-air live)!

Each of the committees is extremely fun and exciting to work on! Currently though, only Music Committee has a set time and date (Thursdays at 3 PM, unless otherwise stated). All the other committees are being revamped and if you join, you will be a part of the first team for each of them.

If you are interested, click the Google Forms link below and let us know what you would like to do! We will respond as quickly as possible to let you know we received your interest form and will let you know any information in you may need to know. Also, be sure to join us at our General Member Meetings in IC 104 on Wednesdays at 7 PM!




~The WIKD Team


A Message from the SGA President

Fellow Eagles,

As you all know, the University is set to reopen on Thursday 9/14. We have heard many students are upset about the timeline of the university reopening, and do not feel as this is enough time to return to the area safely. Please know your comments have been heard and we have been working with the Dean of Students to try and find a compromise. While the University will not push back the date at which they will reopen, the Dean of Students office is willing to work with students and their professors if you are not able to make it back by Thursday. If this is the case, you are encouraged to email your professors and CC the Dean of Students (scottl@erau.edu) Please only use this option as a last resort, your classes will continue as scheduled and it will be your responsibility to make up any missed work. I hope everyone travels back to the Daytona Beach area safely and we look forward to seeing everyone Thursday.

Remember we are forever eagles and We are ER.

Dustin Gibson
SGA President