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Show Hiatuses

Show Hiatuses

Good Morning WIKDites!


As most people are aware, we are a college radio station, and since we are completely student run, we have to work around are students’ schedules. On campus, it is time for finals, and because of so, all shows have been made optional. Don’t fret, all shows are still around, some will just not play at their usual times because the student DJs have decided to not do their shows at the time so that they can study for finals.


After finals, is immediately the students’ Winter Break. Since most of our student DJs are going home, most shows will not air from December 14th through January 10th. So don’t fret that the shows no longer exist, it’s just that our DJs are at home enjoying time with their families. All shows will pick back up during our Spring semester at their usual/new times! Stay tuned and have a great break and finals!


Feel free to ask any questions below!


Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!

~ The WIKD Team



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