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New Website

New Website

Hello All WIKDites (followers and members of everything WIKD),

The WIKD 102.5 FM has recently updated their website and have launched several new features! And we want to let everyone know.

  • Theme and Looks
    • One of our major changes is the theme we use. If anyone has been to our website in the last week or two, they will have noticed a new background and layout of the website. The current WIKD Team feels that our new look is not only more professional, but also more user-friendly and easier to follow.
  • Radio Streaming
    • Another new feature is that we have embedded our iHeart Radio Stream on the right side of our website. You can now listen to us live as you surf around on our website.
  • “Exclusives” Tab
    • One of our latest endeavours is to clean up and add to our menu bar. In addition to cleaning it up, we have recently added an exclusives tab to the menu bar that includes album reviews by DJs, new music that we’ve added to our Automation Playlist, podcast by station members (which will be up and running on Nov. 27), and this WIKDite’s personal favourite new addition, the “WIKD Hall of Fame” which highlights alumni of WIKD that the station feels deserve special recognition.
  • “WIKD Events” Tab
    • Another new tab on our website is our “WIKD Event’s” tab which has a calendar of all WIKD events, plus the events our Entertainment DJs will be DJing at. In addition to that, you can now also view old events and upcoming events in their own tabs under the calendar tab.
  • Joining the Station
    • All ERAU students, faculty, staff, and alumni can all now sign-up to be a WIKD Member on our website under the “Join the Station” tab.

At the moment, that’s all our new features! Keep on the lookout for even more additions to our website as the school year goes on!

Please note that we do love to server our followers. So, if you have any ideas of what we should do or what you would like to see, or even have questions, comments, or concerns, please fill out the form here and we will get back to you as fast as possible!

Stay WIKD!!!

~The WIKD Team


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